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The band has been together since 1997, when they debuted their first album, Forosoco. However, the musical journey of Michael and Kevin actually started when they were just boys growing up in Philadelphia. Read full interview in the Capistrano Dispatch

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Driven by their passion for music developed as kids, Michael Bacon and younger brother Kevin Bacon have been paying their musical dues on the road and recording as The Bacon Brothersfor nearly 25 years. And the next stops for ...

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Kevin Bacon says he "definitely" had some reservations when he and Michael, his brother, decided to start playing music together professionally as the Bacon Brothers after what was meant to be a one-off gig in Philadelphia, where they'd grown up,...

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“I don't think people want to go to a show to see two brothers who are exactly the same as much as they would like to see two brothers who are compatible and musically compatible, but also are very different people, and we definitely are very ...

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"Kevin and Michael first teamed up as the Bacon Brothers in 1995 to perform at a charity event. They had no plans to work together after that. But their artistic chemistry was as undeniable as their passion for Americana music and the classic ...

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The Bacon Brothers are bringing their genre-defying yet easily approachable brand of rock and roll back to Las Vegas weekend, taking the stage at the Red Rock Resort’s Rocks Lounge Saturday night.

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Crowd Enjoy Storytelling Wrapped Around An Evolving Dance Party. By all accounts the Bacon Brothers Band have way more fun on stage than may be allowed by law. Fronted by real life siblings Michael and Kevin Bacon, the brothers along with four gifted ...

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“One of the best things about playing in a band with your brother is the level of trust because we’re brothers, and we know each other back and forth, in and out. So, when we make decisions, they’re always based on the fact that we’re ...

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"We have a six-piece band, my brother and then four other people. It's a lot of instrumentation, because a lot of people play a lot of different things. We're going everywhere from loud electric guitars, to four ukuleles on the state, to cello and ...

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"In the mid-’90s the brother’s combined their talent to form The Bacon Brothers band. Captivating audiences with a style of rock, blues, and country; they’ve created a sound uniquely their own. Their chemistry carries a comfortability that ...

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The Bacon Brothers


The Bacon Brothers To Release New Album The Way We Love on July 17th

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New Song "Corona Tune" Available Now - Video To Premiere in Popmatters Soon 

The Bacon Brothers are pleased to announce the release of their new album, The Way We Love, on July 17th. Pre-sales of the album begin today, June 26th (link below.) When discussing the new album, Kevin states that “I think with this album we are answering some questions about love. Who do you love? What do you love? How do you love? And those questions pushed us to explore some musical paths that we have never taken. It’s a great record and was a pleasure to make." Michael weighs in, “This album is up and fun, and it holds together beautifully, I’m very proud of how far we’ve come.”

To help kick off the July 17th release of the album, "Corona Tune" is now available as an instant grat track and a video for "Corona Tune" will premiere in Popmatters in coming weeks. Further, three additional songs and videos have been released to date; "Play!", She-Zee-Zee (Easy on My Eyes)", and one for the title track, "The Way We Love."

The Way We Love contains a series of songs that explore those intimate relationships with the people and ideals that become a source of both purpose and passion. The album contains ten tracks, seven of which were produced by the brothers, two by Philadelphia producer/engineer Joe Nicolo, one produced by Saverio Principini. Two of the exceptional offerings were recorded live at Sony Hall in New York City. It’s also one of their most emotionally charged collections to date, and one of their most dynamic and diverse as well.

True to form, the album finds the brothers spanning a wide array of styles and sounds, from the funk-fueled “Play!,” the happy-go-lucky “She-Zee-Zee (Easy On My Eyes)” and the sheer joy and exuberance that fills “British Invasion,” to the care and caress found in the tellingly-titled “The Cooking Song (Add Love and Stir),” the heartfelt ballad “Bigger” and the sweetly assured title track, which is also the album’s third single. Nevertheless, the variety and diversity doesn’t end there. It’s also found in the country twang of the appropriately dubbed “Picker,” a song describing Michael’s early exploits on the mean streets of their native Philadelphia, and “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” a composition by jazz legend Josef Zawinul that features a surprise appearance by New York Yankees legend Bernie Williams as the guest guitarist.

Fiercely devoted to making music, even from an early age (they cite such influences as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Motown, Led Zeppelin, Philly Soul, and James Taylor, with mentions from Michael of Pete seeger, Jimmy Rogers, Chet Atkins, and the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, and additional kudos to Michael from Kevin for his input,) the two siblings share a singular body of work that’s found them spending more than 20 years of working the road and paying their dues, resulting in nine albums – Forosoco (1997,) Getting There (1999,) Can’t Complain (2001,) Live: The No Food Jokes Tour (2003,) White Knuckles (2005,) New Year’s Day (2009,) Philadelphia Road (2011,) 36 Cents (2014,) and the eponymous, The Bacon Brothers (2018) -- spanning rock, soul, folk and Americana. Never content to be typecast, they’re fiercely devoted to the cause of making music, undeterred by fame, fortune or the pitfalls that frequently obstruct the path to success.

As far as their day jobs are concerned, Kevin Bacon is an award-winning actor with 80 films and dozens of television and stage credits to his name, resulting in numerous Emmy and Screen Actors Guild nominations cited in his resume. Kevin has recently been promoting the film “You Should Have Left” on demand everywhere. He also continues to release new episodes of his Spotify podcast The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon in addition to his continued efforts on the #IStayHome and #IFeedTheFront campaigns on social media. Older brother Michael is an Emmy-winning composer, who recently scored Master Maggie by Goodface Films which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has been making the rounds of the festival circuit this year. Michael also worked on Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates which will be broadcast on PBS this year. 

Still, while it’s clear that Michael and Kevin don’t view the band as simply a sideline, their commitment is clear. Indeed, the high points have been many. Kevin points to a recent opening slot at The Grand Ole Opry, supporting The Band at Carnegie Hall, surveying the Texas landscape in the midst of a lightning storm, rocking the Stone Pony on the Jersey Shore and performing at the legendary Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. For Michael, it’s been all about making their mark overseas, touring in Germany and Japan, and the fascination he feels performing for overseas audiences.


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The Bacon Brothers are pleased to announce the release of their new single, "The Way We Love" and accompanying video. The track was written by Michael Bacon and produced by The Bacon Brothers. The video, directed by ...

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