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You’ve probably seen Kevin Bacon acting in one of his many hit films (FootlooseApollo 13Mystic River, and many more) – but you may not know that he’s also quite an accomplished musician. He and his brother, Michael Bacon, formed the rock band The Bacon Brothers in 1995, and put out their debut album, Forosoco, in 1997. (But Michael’s professional musical background goes back even further – he began his career playing in bands in the late 1950s before becoming a songwriter in Nashville in the ‘70s, and he has also composed for more than 100 film and television soundtracks). On July 17, The Bacon Brothers will release their tenth album, The Way We Love. On a recent conference call, both brothers talked about how their childhood in Philadelphia stoked their creativity, how they feel as they approach this latest album release date, and how they continue to stay inspired.

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The Bacon Brothers


Kevin and Michael Bacon, a.k.a. The Bacon Brothers, join Kate and Oliver on this week's episode of "Sibling Revelry." They talk about growing up in a household that valued creativity, their relationship to their father's fame, when they started the band, their musical influences and more. They also discuss their latest album and there might even be a live performance. 



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Kevin and Michael Bacon are only one degree removed from each other — and not even that when it comes to making music.

Music as been part of the Bacon Brothers' lives since childhood, and as an actual band since a 1995 show in their home ...

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