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The Bacon Brothers‘ “Shaky Ground” tour rolls into Alexandria, Virginia for three shows July 19-21.The Bacon Brothers‘ “Shaky Ground” tour rolls into Alexandria, Virginia for three shows July 19-21.

“If you have a club that has been around for as long as that has, the audience almost gets trained for what kind of response works in that place,” Michael Bacon told WTOP. “So what you get is a really great listening audience but also pretty rowdy. They kind of follow along wherever we want to go. The other thing is that it has an amazing sound system, a great monitor engineer, a great staff, the food is good, they treat us really well. … It’s pretty much the best club I’ve ever played, I’m glad they’re still doing business and we’re happy to be back.”

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The Bacon Brothers


When it comes to doing interviews to promote an acting project, Kevin Bacon isn’t much for dishing out his life story. But when it comes to writing songs, The Bacon Brothers are all about creating the soundtrack of their experience. Kevin and his elder sibling, Michael, have been a consistent fixture in the studio and on the road for the better part of 20 years, releasing eight albums in the process. The group will perform Saturday at The Kent Stage.

“To me, you do countless interviews where people are hoping you’re going to reveal something personal about yourself,” Kevin Bacon said. “And in fact, I look at that part of interviews as a skill where you make people believe you’re sharing something personal when you’re really not. I’m sorry to admit that, but that’s how I approach the personal side of doing press.” Music is different. Read the full interview in the Canton Repository

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Kevin and Michael Bacon have been making music together for pretty much their whole lives. So it seemed logical when, 25 years ago, they decided to join forces to start recording records and performing live shows as the Bacon Brothers. ...

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