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Armed with an exceptional, eight-album arsenal (kicked off by 1997’s ‘Forosoco’ and veering towards 2014’s ‘36 Cents’) and all the while, maintaining a limitless, double-decade strong partnership, the Bacon Brothers Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon), could easily justify a short staycation, but then again their ten-track eponymous new album and ambitious touring schedule thoroughly belie such a state of mind. Read more

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The Bacon Brothers


Our July 2018 interview with Ditty TV Insights and our Ditty TV concert. Watch now! Interview and Live Performances: Tom Petty T-Shirt, Two Rivers, I Feel You, Cello Interlude, So Cal Smooth, A Road We Know Too Well, and Driver        

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Together, the siblings have focused on another dimension of their artistic impulses through their band, aptly named The Bacon Brothers. They have played together since childhood, and have been recording and touring for more than 20 years....

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