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Bearing the name of a particular slice of pig flesh was not always easy for Bacon Brothers band co-founder Michael. “When I was growing up,” said Michael during a recent conference call that included his movie star sibling, close friend and bandmate Kevin, “I pretty much thought I was cursed for life. Now everybody loves bacon. And Kevin sort of led the way. He really just sort of accepted it. And I just felt so bad about it. And now I feel great about it.”

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The Bacon Brothers


The Bacon Brothers stopped by Chanel in the City to discuss their new hit single, Play, how they became a successful band for 25 years and the inspiration behind their music. Watch or listen: YouTube, iHeart Radio, Spotify,, iTunes

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Michael and Kevin Bacon, known as "The Bacon Brothers" for their music, played the Franklin Theatre last week and took time to talk to local high school students about music education following one of their sound checks.

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