Bearing the name of a particular slice of pig flesh was not always easy for Bacon Brothers band co-founder Michael. “When I was growing up,” said Michael during a recent conference call that included his movie star sibling, close friend and bandmate Kevin, “I pretty much thought I was cursed for life. Now everybody loves bacon. And Kevin sort of led the way. He really just sort of accepted it. And I just felt so bad about it. And now I feel great about it.”

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Our July 2018 interview with Ditty TV Insights and our Ditty TV concert. Watch now! Interview and Live Performances: Tom Petty T-Shirt, Two Rivers, I Feel You, Cello Interlude, So Cal Smooth, A Road We Know Too Well, and Driver        

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Together, the siblings have focused on another dimension of their artistic impulses through their band, aptly named The Bacon Brothers. They have played together since childhood, and have been recording and touring for more than 20 years....

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