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I don’t usually review singles, yet I made an exception for Dani Wilde.  When I was sent a link for the video for this song, I had no intention of watching the whole thing, merely taking in the first verse just to be able to say I’d checked it out.  Turns out the new song from The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael) is buoyant, cheerful, and the most uplifting pop song I’ve heard in quite some time- like watching a sunset on a beautiful day; good medicine in this time of certifiable weirdness.


Kevin says “I wrote the song months ago so it’s really a coincidence that the subject of the video is so timely right now while everyone is isolated and away from loved ones.”  Michael notes that “ironically, the recording side of the music business has been moving toward stay-at-home recording studios, isolated individual performances and massive file sharing since way before the crisis.  I’m so glad we banked a bunch of new music like She-Zee-Zee and are ready to do more from our little rabbit hutch studios.”


Although Kevin Bacon is a noteworthy actor, he’s been making music with his brother Michael since they were boys.  Since becoming a working band in 1995 they’ve put out 9 records, so this isn’t a vanity project, not a case of “actor-boy wants to play musician”, The Bacon Brothers are the real deal.  Some might find it hard to get past the actor thing, but give She-Zee-Zee a spin- I really think you’ll enjoy it.  They’re currently putting the finishing touches on the next album to coincide with the summer tour (with Covid-19’s permission of course), and I’m really looking forward to hearing what else they’re up to.


Watch the video for She-zee-zee

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The Bacon Brothers


Kevin and Michael Bacon are only one degree removed from each other — and not even that when it comes to making music.

Music as been part of the Bacon Brothers' lives since childhood, and as an actual band since a 1995 show in their home town of Philadelphia. It's a respite from their day jobs — Kevin's as an actor, Michael's as a composer and an instructor at Lehman College in New York — and the duo has released eight studio albums.

The latest of those, "The Way We Love," was out Friday, July 17, with nine original songs and a live cover of the Cannonball Adderley/Buckinghams hit "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy," recorded with friend and former baseball star Bernie Williams. The Bacons co-produced seven of the tracks on the diverse set, which runs the gamut from the upbeat dance-pop of "Play!" — a single released last summer — to the bluesgrass-flavored "Picker" and the smooth jazz of "The Cooking Song (Add Love and Stir)." 

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The Bacon Brothers Release New Album The Way We Love

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