Bearing the name of a particular slice of pig flesh was not always easy for Bacon Brothers band co-founder Michael. “When I was growing up,” said Michael during a recent conference call that included his movie star sibling, close friend and bandmate Kevin, “I pretty much thought I was cursed for life. Now everybody loves bacon. And Kevin sort of led the way. He really just sort of accepted it. And I just felt so bad about it. And now I feel great about it.”

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There’s a certain romance associated with brother bands. It must be something about the strength — or the volatility — of the bond between siblings. From the Everly Brothers to Oasis, from the Beach Boys to the Kinks (who were banned from performing in the U.S. from ’65 to ’69 after some onstage brotherly disagreements blossomed into a full-on brawl mid-performance), audiences keep dropping the needle on songs by siblings. 

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The Bacon Brothers will be at Wenonah Park in Downtown Bay City on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Before they arrive in Michigan, we caught up with Kevin and Michael for this fun conversation. The musical brothers of Kevin Bacon and Michael ...

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