Jul 30, 2016
Harrisburg, PA
Whitaker Center
Aug 1, 2016
Ocean City, NJ
Ocean City Music Pier
Aug 10, 2016
Newton, NJ
The Newton Theatre
Aug 11, 2016
Warrendale, PA
Jergel's Rhythm Grille
Aug 12, 2016
Kent, OH
The Kent Stage
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The Bacon Brothers explain 'Hookers and Blow'

"We live boring lives really..."

After 20 years, The Bacon Brothers, the band led by Michael and Kevin Bacon, is clearly not just something the younger does for a vacation from acting. According to Kevin, he's simply twice blessed for doing two things he loves.


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The Bacon Brothers: Thicker Than Blood

Michael and Kevin Bacon have spent their careers portraying other people’s feelings, whether through Michael’s illustrious songwriting resume or Kevin’s numerous A-list Hollywood roles. Music exposes the true soul; it can be the most ...

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